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Game night or movie time, 4k video distribution, video tiling, IP video. Savant lets you entertain with a touch.


Savant’s network IP Video makes it easy to deliver exceptionally high-resolution video from any source to any display. Designed for both small- and large-scale video distribution with integrated controls.

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Only from Savant

Savant IP Video combines the latest

in 10GbE networking with proprietary technology to distribute exact uncompressed video with zero frame latency at the most commonly used 4K resolutions*. Includes support for HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0a with HDR.

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Super Scale

Use Savant IP Audio and Video for your largest distribution jobs. System size is only bounded by the network. Simply add more Savant IP transmitters or receivers on the network to add a new source or display to the system.

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Bring the Audio

Only Savant provides solutions for simultaneous audio distribution over IP. Options available to down-mix surround audio to 2 channel and distribute over the AVB/TSN network, or use PCM audio.

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Rock Solid Reliability 

Savant pioneered reliable, fast switching HDMI distribution with audio and uses the same technology to deliver synchronized video and audio content to any room overIP.

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At Your Command

Includes Savant control ports for each input and output. With support for Video Tiling, format locking per display, video down-conversion and EDID management, Savant IP video ensures you are always in command.

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Future Proof

10GbE network bandwidth ensures that your video distribution system will be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

Savant IP Video with advanced video tiling is a 4K UHD video distribution solution that allows for 4K/60 4:4:4 and a ratio of only 1.4:1 compression at full 4K/60 4:4:4.  Savant’s broadcast quality IP video solution works by transmitting video and audio data over standard 10Gb networks.All features are built-in, enabling users to access and view any available source as a tile on any display within the IP video network. 


Connect video and audio from any source and make it available across your network with lossless audio and video quality. Available in fiber and copper options.


Video Inputs take sources and transmit them to the 10Gb Video network.


Video Outputs receive video from the 10Gb network and output them to TVs 

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Watch up to nine sources on a single screen with this seamless video tiling solution. Display multiple sources on one display, all with zero frame latency and full uncompressed 4K/60, plus audio from any source at any time.


Artsys Electronics can now add video tiling to any IP video system, enabling the simultaneous viewing of multiple sources on a single display. Savant's IP Video distribution system, which is a 10G-based AV-over-IP system using SDVoE, can connect unlimited sources with tiling, limited only by the size of the network.


Tiling Anywhere
With Savant’s IP Video, Tiling is available on any display connected to the IP Video system, either with the same view or each with an independent view

Tiling presets can be created, saved and added to Savant Scenes, enabling one-touch access to all programming. Savant’s tiling interface is fully supported by the IP Video line.​

See It All

Savant’s unique control interface make multiple views simple and intuitive. Select from predefined layouts, drag a tile to move views, double tap to expand a particular source, or press and drag the audio icon to choose which source to listen to.


All The Favorites

Access all your favorite channels at a touch. Save certain views with predefined layouts, channels + sources. Keep one for all your morning information, one for your work day, and another for game day, the choice is yours.


Pristine video and exceptional sound quality combined with the Savant Pro App.

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