K-array is a renowned manufacturer of innovative pro audio solutions with global headquarters in Florence, Italy. Founded in 1990, the company concentrates its efforts and resources in the revolutionary design and manufacture of highly-efficient audio systems that produce unparalleled performance.

With an extensive portfolio of product lines providing ultra- compact and discreet speaker solutions for small, medium and large-scale applications including live concerts and performances and large sporting events, portable audio solutions for event productions, conferences, wedding and DJ sets, as well as a wide range of remarkably small solutions for sophisticated installations in various market segments such as retail, hotels and resorts, restaurants, lounges and bars, nightclubs and yachts.


Sound intelligibility that cannot ignore elegance. Professional mid-high frequency range audio devices in both line array and point source solutions

Ultra-miniature aluminum
line array element

The Lyzard loudspeaker is a remarkable micro line array designed for discreet use in a variety of intimate environments.
Ultra-flat aluminum
line array element

The Vyper line consists of the flattest speakers in the K-array portfolio and are housed in an elegant and resistant 2"-deep aluminum frame that features closely-spaced transducers which boast Pure Array Technology.
Stainless steel line array element
with 2" drivers

The Kobra line consists of passive speakers with closely-spaced transducers boasting Pure Array Technology housed in a sleek, durable stainless steel frame that produces natural quality sound.


Stainless steel line array element
with 3.15" drivers

The Python is a discreet passive speaker comprised of closely-spaced 3.15" drivers housed in a resistant stainless steel frame featuring Pure Array Technology.


Stainless steel line array element
with 4" drivers

Advanced line arrays with a sleek design in a stainless steel frame comprised of closely-spaced, full-range 4” sound sources to illustrate our innovative Pure Array Technology.


Full-range, passive stainless steel speakers

Our full-range line of compact, stainless steel speakers with plug and play capabilities that don't require presets and can be driven by any amplifier, perfect for applications with subwoofer restrictions.


Flexible, 2-meter-long loudspeaker

Comprised of the KAN200, KAN200+ and KAN200+8, the Anakonda series is designed as a problem solver for situations where a traditional speaker box can’t be used, but where good intelligibility, ultra-reliability and a sleek design are required.

Pure Array Technology (PAT)

Composed of closely-spaced, full-range sound sources, the Python features Pure Array Technology (PAT).

With no crossover and no reflex, it shows a perfect phase response both in the near and in the far fields, which makes this column the perfect solution to cover long distances uniformly. The narrow vertical coverage minimizes the sound spill towards the ceiling and the floor, thus increasing the intelligibility in highly reverberant environments optimal for theater setups, broadcast studios and houses of worship.

Spot Flood

Selectable Coverage

The directivity of many K-array solutions can be modified in order to optimize the coverage. Our column loudspeakers are equipped with a regulator with two coverage options: SPOT for very narrow sound dispersion and FLOOD for wider coverage.


Selectable Impedance

Selectable impedance lets the user to choose the right loudspeaker impedance value allowing to set the proper load and maximize performance.

Selectable Coverage

The directivity of many K-array solutions can be modified in order to optimize the coverage. Our column loudspeakers are equipped with a regulator with two coverage options: SPOT for very narrow sound dispersion and FLOOD for wider coverage.

Visually Discreet

For architectural reasons, a visually discreet audio system may be required to integrate seamlessly with the layout without compromising sound quality.

Unique Performance-to-Size Ratio

Produces an impressive high-power performance by producing a high SPL from a small frame.

Weather Resistant

We utilize the most durable and resistant materials when developing our products to protect and conserve the system regardless of the elements, rendering a K-array installation reliable and long-lasting.


Premium Finishes

Similar to high-end fashion accessories and jewelry, our products undergo the most advanced coating process for a more beautiful and lustrous look.


Color Customizable

We have the ability to customize your project by color matching your system to any RAL code to help you to better integrate the speakers into a wide variety of venues.



K-array is a designer of professional audio solutions for a variety of applications including marine-based environments. Our state-of- the-art loudspeakers are made of premium materials like stainless steel and aluminum which renders them extremely resistant even when deployed outside in tough weather conditions.

The internal components are specially treated to repel water, ideal for aquatic applications where ordinary speakers would corrode over time. Our solutions are also presented in an elegant design for a practically invisible installation and are available in luxury finishes resulting in an excellent audio system for a high-end setting.

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K-ARRAY Audio Solutions is globally renowned as one of the most innovative high-technology professional speaker manufacturers in the world founded in Italy. Since the formation of HP Sound Equipment in 1990 and K-ARRAY in 2000 the brand has been pioneering and innovating new audio solutions for live entertainment and the most demanding architectural designs.